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The University of Miskolc (Hungary) was founded by the Queen Maria Teresia in Selmecbánya in 1735. After the first World War the university moved to Sopron, where in 1929, it started the series of university publications with the title Publications of the Mining and Metallurgical Division of the Hungarian Academy of Mining and Forestry Engineering (Volumes I.-VI.). From 1934 to 1947 the Institution became the Faculty of Mining, Metallurgical and Forestry Engineering of the József Nádor University of Technology and Economical Sciences at Sopron. The publications got the title Publications of the Mining and Metallurgical Engineering Division (Volumes VII.-XVI.). For the last volume before 1950 - due to a further change in the name of the Institution - Technical University, Faculties of Mining, Metallurgical and Forestry Engineering, Publications of the Mining and Metallurgical Divisions was the title. For some years after 1950 the Publications were temporarily suspended. After the foundation of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Miskolc in 1949 and the movement of the Sopron Mining and Metallurgical Faculties to Miskolc the Publications restarted with the general title Publications of the Technical University of Heavy Industry in 1955. Four new series - Series A (Mining), Series B (Metallurgy), Series C (Machinery) and Series D (Natural Sciences) - were founded in 1976. These came out both in foreign languages (English, German and Russian) and in Hungarian. In 1990, right after the foundation of some new faculties, the university was renamed to University of Miskolc. At the same time the structure of the Publications was reorganized so that it could follow the faculty structure. Accordingly three new series were established: Series E (Legal Sciences), Series F (Economical Sciences) and Series G (Humanities and Social Sciences). The latest series, i.e., the series H (European Integration Studies) was founded in 2002. The eight series are formed by some periodicals and such publications which come out with various frequencies.

In 2004, the Department of International Law established the „Miskolc Journal of International Law”, a virtual periodical, in order to contribute to the exchange of views between international lawyers, to make accessible the results of researches . This periodical is linked to the University of Miskolc.but it is open for external collegues as well.  Let us hope  that this periodical will work as a modest contribution to a better understanding of peoples, to the promotion of international law and to a better world. We believe that the philosophy of the Editorial Board - competence, openness, tolerance and equal treatment - of which members are outstanding foreign and Hungarian experts shall guarantee the high professional level and the up-to-dateness of the publication. We kindly encourage our readers and all interested to contact the authors as well as the Editorial Board with their comments and suggestions. We also hope that this new periodical will contribute to the international reputation of the University of Miskolc.